Sample Collection

For COVID-19 testing, at CARINGdx, we take TWO SAMPLES - one from the BACK OF THE THROAT (oropharynx) and another from the NOSE. We use the BEST swabs and viral transport media and our technicians who collect samples are TRAINED by the top management themselves.

Sample Collection Centres

L22/382, Mahipalpur
8am till 6pm

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Bali Nagar

H17, Block F, Bali Nagar
9 am till 6 pm

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803, Arjun Nagar (Opposite Defence Colony)
8am till 6pm

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RNA Extraction

One of the key steps in COVID-19 testing is RNA extraction. CARINGdx was the FIRST IN INDIA to use Genolution's FDA-approved RNA isolation system which ensures ZERO CONTAMINATION and hence correct reports.

Real-Time RT-PCR Testing

Real-Time RT-PCR testing, or rRT-PCR testing is the GOLD STANDARD technique for diagnosis of COVID-19 disease. It involves AMPLIFYING parts of the Coronavirus RNA and then using a FLUORESCENT DYE to detect the quantity of viral RNA in the sample.

Collection Partners
Sample collections are
Samples are NOT being collected at Mahajan Imaging Centres